How was your weekend everyone? All good? Mine was actually rather busy because the husband was away over the weekend for a stag doo so I was left to my own devices and many friends came to visit because I am of course nearing my due date.  They all want to see me, also my husband was worried I may go into labour whilst he was away so he told my friends to keep an eye on me. Ha! All good though, no signs of baby yet and I am still here 😉 I saw about 4 different friends over the weekend and one even stayed over so today I am actually feeling even more exhausted than normal because I didn’t get the chance to snooze and I am currently having one bad ass cold. I don’t think I have had a cold like this for a while because I never really get ill and being pregnant I cannot take anything for it so it is a case of sucking it up.

Since today is the start of my “semi” maternity leave so I will be taking a step back from working so much. I had quite a relaxing day and I also got to catch up with The Voice. Of course I was watching to check out’s glasses. He was wearing glasses that have had a very distinctive design down the side of the frame – the stripe design.   I can now officially confirm they are indeed his own designs… Glasses on The Voice Quarter Final Glasses on The Voice Quarter Final has collaborated with Hip hop icon Slick Rick and designed a capsule collection for Spring/Summer 2015. The collection consists of 3 variations of unisex sunglass styles with modern and minimalist appeal. The style wearing above is part of the collection but of course he is wearing them as optical frames rather than sunglasses which is of course easily done if you want to do the same. You simply pop the tinted lens out and get them glazed.  Or just wear them with nothing at all! Below are the actual frames! x Slick Rick Collection x Slick Rick Collection

This collection is a limited collection so only a small amount has been produced in a neutral palette of purple,black and matte grey, the ultra-sleek silhouette. All of ill.i.Optics are designed in LA and hand finished in Italy using both conventional and unconventional materials for the range. If you are interested then they are due out very soon and they are only available at selected boutiques worldwide so they are rather exclusive.  It will be pretty amazing to get your hands on a pair. No prices have been confirmed yet for the frame so the best thing to do is to keep a look out on the ill.i optic website for more information.  Images of the frame are now available to view online

(At the time this post all information is correct)