Right, so here we are Tuesday and I finally got the chance to catch up on weekends TV because I certainly had one hell of a busy weekend. With me being very close to “D” day friends and family all want to see me before I pop and I actually find the weekends more tiring than weekdays because that is when all my friends are free to see me so it is one social event after another. Of course all very lovely and sweet of them wanting to see me as I am sure with a new born baby, life will be very different and seeing friends may not be as easy as before. Yesterday I had a few errands to run and that took up most of the day then I was totally wiped out, carrying the extra weight is really rather tiring and I think I actually slept reasonably well because I was so tired.

Today I actually got to enjoy being on maternity leave, I woke up really late at 11.30am… that is like unheard off. Then I just pottered around the house and I was washing and hanging some baby clothes up before I got to put my feet up and watch The Voice Semi Final on the iPlayer. I cannot believe we are at the semi finals already. ¬†Soon I will not get to check out Will.i.am’s glasses… sad times. So this week for the live show he was wearing the same frame as last week from his latest Slick Rick collaboration collection.

The Voice Live Semi Final 2015 - Will i ams glasses

The Voice Live Semi Final 2015 – Will i ams glasses

However, the frame he was wearing for the teaching sessions was completely different to what he has been wearing on the show. They were bolder and they were tortoiseshell.

The Voice Live Semi Final - Will i ams glasses

The Voice Live Semi Final – Will i ams glasses

They do have the stripe design which is part of the Slick Rick collection but I have not seen them in the press release so I am not sure or they could be a one off because often designers may produce different samples but only put a few into production so who knows. They are pretty cool though so lets see if they will later emerge from the collection but the PR have informed me all of Will.i.am’s glasses are from his own collection. If you spotted him in anything that takes your fancy then you know you will (hopefully) be able to get your hands on them via the website or at selected¬†boutiques worldwide!