So I have had my first week of parenthood and you know what… It is kicking my ass! Hence the blog has been neglected with the lack of posts everyday but I am trying my best. For all my readers who are mums I think you may sympathise with me and the whole breastfeeding thing is so demanding. When the midwife said to me “feed on demand” they just don’t tell you how demanding they will be! At the moment I don’t feel like a mum, I just feel like a milk slave to this tiny being (who I love very much).

Anyway back to the subject of glasses… Since becoming a mum I’ve noticed couple of things about being a glasses wearer. My baby sleeps right next to us in her cot and I know that sounds close and even looking at the photo below it looks close but when I take my glasses off… I cannot really see her and I bloody HATE it. As a new mum every movement she makes or any sound she makes I get worried and then try to grab my glasses to see what is going on feels like the longest 2 seconds of my life. Do other glasses wearing mums share my fear?


My Baby Sleeping

I know overtime I will get used to it and it will not be so bad but in the meantime I am not enjoying not being able to see her as soon as I open my eyes. There have been couple of occasions where she was puking up milk and I didn’t know because my glasses weren’t on. It worries me a lot, what if that happens again and because I can’t see so she is choking or something?

It is amazing how this little person turns me into a bit of a worrier.  At the same time I think that is just my maternal instincts kicking in as I want to protect her and do everything within my power to help her. After a week of parenthood I think it has definitely changed me because before I was worried about work etc but now all that matters to me is my baby and her wellbeing. As for me not being able to see her as soon as I open my eyes… I guess I will need to get used to it because there is nothing I can do about that department. On that note I must get some rest whilst she is sleeping.