Hey readers! First of all sorry for the lack of blog posts.  Motherhood is kicking my butt big time and I have a poorly little girl. She is a bit cranky lately as she has got reflux and I have never felt so tired.

So do u all like the revamped MyGlasesAndMe blog?? Pretty jazzy hey and nice big images. The blog is also running much smoother now but there is still some tweaking to do at the back end just to fine tune it but otherwise everything is running as it should. I am really pleased with it myself and let me know your thoughts.

I have been a mum for nearly a month now so what have I learned so far? Well… All mums out there are bloody amazing and I think we should all pat ourselves on the back. Then I have discovered that I have picked up many new skills as a mum such as using one hand to do everything!  You have to wipe your little ones dirty finger prints off your glasses with what ever comes to hand (I know it’s no ideal if it isn’t a glasses cloth but I have got to survive).  You can really put up with dry tired eyes like you never knew possible.  You learn to see in the dark with or without glasses just so you don’t wake the baby up by turning the light on. Motherhood really is about survival.

Before I had this baby I was aware that being a mum was tough but it is no way near as close to how I imagined it. Before I thought I could still write a blog post per day whilst the baby is sleeping but not when your baby DOESN’T sleep because of the reflux. Life is definitely different as a mum and getting press invites to all these press days just make me sad because I feel like I am missing out on looking at the latest glasses. At the moment I am unsure when I will be getting back into the swing of things because this little lady needs me right now and she is very demanding!

I have also temporarily gone back to my parents house so they can help because no sleep is kicking my ass. It is funny being in my old room again and discovering many of my old forgotten specs.

Let me tell you… In the dark when you can’t see you will just grab what you think are your current specs but sometimes they are not and you basically just cannot see because those specs you picked up are so old. This has happened to me a few times already. Oh I also showered with my glasses on once too… This is how tired I am.

Wish me luck with this motherhood marlarky. You just have to muddle through like I am now!