So peeps how was your Easter weekend? I hope you all had a good one and stuffed yourself silly with eggs. Well my weekend was a bit of a whirlwind and even now I am a bit like what has happened???

Well if you wondered why I didn’t post on Thursday, well it was because I was sent to the hospital for a check up since they suspected my water might of been leaking. They were right and I had to go into the hospital on Thursday night to be induced. Basically over the weekend I had my baby girl!!!  Here she is…

Siu and Sosa

Siu and Sosa

I had so many plans for my last weekend before my due date but it was safe to say the plans all went out of the window. Ha! I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl Sosa on Friday just before 12 noon. It all happened so quick that I thought I was having a dream. Especially since I was a tad early, my due date was 12th April and because I had to be induced the birth plan (I dreaded to write) all went out of the window too. Ha!

So what did I decide to do?!  I decided to wear my contact lenses instead of my glasses during labour.  I am very glad I made that decision because labour is hard work and I really did sweat soooooo much, the last thing I would have wanted is to worry about my glasses. Plus I didn’t miss a moment of the labour, that moment when they past Sosa onto me for the very first time I saw everything very clearly, it was the most amazing feeling ever! After the birth I just had her on my chest for hours.  My husband and I couldn’t believe she was here and she was ours.

As I had to stay in the hospital overnight because I was induced, I actually kept my contacts on overnight as these new lenses I have actually allow me to keep them on for up to a week! I was in a strange environment and I didn’t like the fact I would not be able to see my surroundings OR my new born baby in a cot next to me as soon as I opened my eyes. It helped me a lot to ease my mind and I guess that is the joy of being a mum. This little person is now my sole responsibility and if anything happened to her I will be devastated. On that note I must get back and attend to my baby.

Don’t worry though, I haven’t ditched my glasses!  Since being at home I have not used my contacts, I am just too tired.  Having a newborn really is tiring and my eyes are too dry for them.  Good job I have many pairs of glasses to choose from.  Hehe.