Hey readers, first of all I want to apologise for the lack of blogging but I have to say this new role of motherhood is kicking my butt! I have never been this sleep deprived… EVER! Not even when I was in uni and partied all the time. However, no matter how tired I am when I see that little face smiling at me, nothing seems to matter and soon I forget how tired I am.

If you are a new mum yourself reading this then I am sure you will understand what I am saying but for those who aren’t mums yet… oh you wait. It is a whole new level of challenges. I am hoping after another few weeks my baby girl will settle down with me feeling more confident as a new mum because there is no manual to being a mum, every baby is different. So please just bare with me readers with the lack of posts recently but I am still here!

So back to glasses… I have been hibernating in the nursery for the pass few days but I have noticed how sunny it has been outside so here is my first sunglasses related post 😉

Mirrored lenses need no introduction as I am sure you have all seen them or even own a pair or two yourself.  They are still very much on the fashion radar and they have been around for couple of seasons now and they are still going strong. I have always wondered if you can get mirrored lenses in a prescription and I remember asking a lens expert during an event and the answer was yes anything is possible but it may come with a hefty price tag. So ever since then I had given up the hope of getting prescription mirrored lenses and instead if I want to wear the trend I will just buy a normal pair from a high street fashion chain and just wear contact lenses with them. That is until now….

Prescription Mirrored lenses at Kite

Prescription Mirrored lens at Kite

Yes! Kite Eyewear over in Westfield Stratford is now doing prescription mirrored lenses and soon they will be available online so even if you don’t live near the London area you can still get your hands on a pair. The prices of the lens may vary depending on your prescription but how great is that! Us specs wearers can enjoy prescription mirrored lenses so we can look on trend because lets face it, prescription sunglasses can be quite dull and the choices in lens colour are not always great so hooray for Kite and their prescription mirrored lenses.

Prescription mirrored lenses are available in store so pop over to the Kite store at Westfield Stratford to check them out and soon they will also be available online.  I attended the launch last year so to get a bit of background info on them before your visit have a read here.  Have a great weekend all and I will see you back here next week when I am even more sleep deprived and probably cannot even type properly.