Hey readers so how are you all? Me? One days I feel ok then the next I feel so defeated by this little baby. Being a mum is like a roller coaster so whenever I miss writing a blog post it is probably because I am having a bad day with my baby girl and I simply have no energy. At the moment (on a good night) I get about 4 hours sleep but on a bad night I get about 2, but of course I do snooze during the day (sleep when the baby sleeps).  Being a new mum is a matter of trying to survive.  In the past two weeks to survive I have had Krispy Kreme at 3am, chocolate cake at 5:30am and various helpings of cream cheese and bagels at odd times.

Anyway… so, what are the announcements?

MGAM is Getting a Facelift

MGAM the new look

What will it look like?


Well, I thought since I am on maternity leave I might as well make the most of it and use this time to upgrade the blog because I am not spending as much time on it so I feel it makes sense to do it now.  I have wanted to give the blog a face lift for a while now because the blog is getting bigger and there has been a few technical glitches with this current version.  Now is time for the upgrade and give the blog an entire new look yet again and move it onto version 5.

I have been advised by my technical guy that this update (which is a MASSIVE one) it will be a big job and that means the blog will be down for up to a week but I have not given a start date yet as I still have to finalise a few new features before going ahead. However, I will give you guys another warning and I will also announce it on social media just so everyone is aware and not thinking I am doing a vanishing act!

Since the blog will be down that also means the MGAM eShop will be down too so you will not be able to purchase your Nerdwax until it is back up and running again. Sorry in advance for any inconvenience caused but I promise the new blog will not only look sleeker but it will also run so much better and quicker.

MGAM Magazine 9

Then the next announcement is the next issue of MGAM magazine (issue 9) shall be delayed because the plan was to have it all completed before my due date but because little madam decided to arrive early I have not had the chance to complete it and for the past two weeks since her arrival I seriously have not had the time to work on it because let’s face it, sleeping comes first and breastfeeding is demanding. For now the MGAM magazine shall be postponed until further notice because my main priority at the moment is to take care of this baby.

A New Contributor

Finally… my husband will be taking over here and there to write some blog posts because with my sleep deprived state I am struggling to keep up with the writing.

I think that is all the announcements I have so you lot go and have a brilliant weekend and I shall see you back here some point next week.