I am pretty sure almost everyone has heard of ASOS. If not where have you been?? To me ASOS is THE place to shop on the world wide web for all things fashionable and fabulous. I love it and before baby, my favourite hobby was window shopping on ASOS before bed.  Now with the little madam here that is a distant memory. However,  I have learned how to feed whilst using one hand to do everything else such as surfing the internet to keep me occupied because I find breastfeeding rather boring, especially when my little girl likes to take her time (over an hour!).

At the moment I am constantly on ASOS browsing through their dress selection because I have a wedding to attend in about 3 weeks time. I have got plenty of dresses BUT it didn’t even cross my mind how practical a dress has got to be for breastfeeding so none of them are suitable.

As I was browsing I got distracted and thought I better have a look at accessories too because clearly I don’t have enough already and to my surprise… there they were… glasses! Not your “fake” glasses but proper optical glasses. In the description it even says suitable for prescription lenses so they are optical glasses. The main brands they sell are Michael Kors and Ray-Ban (among others) which are all around £180 each but they also sell a much more affordable brand called AJ Morgan which is also suitable for prescription lenses.

AJ Morgan Glasses ASOS

AJ Morgan Glasses – Image from ASOS

I found it absolutely amazing that a fashion retailer is selling proper optical glasses because traditionally it is only opticians that sell them.  The are still listed under “Sunglasses” so when they add their own “Glasses” section then that will be a big step!  Click here to have a look.

I think in the not too distant future this could change the way we buy glasses. Soon enough peoples views on glasses will shift and they will be seen as a fashionable item. I hope this will encourage many other fashion retailers to take a leaf out of ASOS’ book.  In doing that it may even create a greater choice of frames to meet demand.

Slowly but surely the MyGlassesAndMe goal of bridging that gap between fashion and eyewear feels much more achievable. I wonder how many people will buy them from ASOS then get prescription lenses put in and how many people will just buy them to wear just because it is fashionable? I would love to ask ASOS that question.

Anyway on that note have a great weekend and see you next week.