For us ladies out there who are into our make-up (or for the gents who know about make-up because of your partner) then you have probably heard of the make-up brand Bobbi Brown. I personally have never tried the make-up myself, not because I don’t like them it’s just because I have never got around to it because there are so many brands out there to try.

However Bobbi Brown is probably the make-up I should try because it is all about the natural look and I have to say I don’t actually wear a lot of make-up anyway so it sounds like it could suit me very well. If they have got any miracle concealers that can conceal my new “motherhood circles” (basically dark circles under my eyes) then I am in because they are not getting lighter that is for sure!

MGAM Bobbi Brown The Stylist Herself

The Stylist Herself – Image from

After doing some research online it seems like founder Bobbi is a specs wearer herself so it kind of makes sense for her to want to tap into eyewear because like me, I am forever fascinated with eye make-up for us specs wearers. This week we saw the launch of Bobbi Brown Eyewear in partnership with eyewear manufacturer Safilo. Like the make-up range the eyewear range consists of neutral tones and the idea behind the range is to teach women how to pick the right frame to enhance their natural beauty that works with their skin tone.

As a beauty expert Bobbi has always been aware how glasses can transform faces so I guess it makes sense to tie the two together to open the eyes of retailers and consumers to the fact eyewear isn’t just about a pair of glasses… it is the whole package. I think it is highly exciting for a make-up brand to launch an eyewear range because so many fashion brands do it so it makes a nice change and it puts a different perspective on eyewear.

The Katie Fashion Pink - Bobbie Brown Eyewear

The Katie Fashion Pink – Bobbie Brown Eyewear

At the moment the Bobbi Brown Eyewear collection is available at Liberty but there are plans to start rolling them out into selected department stores starting now. As well as that they are also available in countries such as Hong Kong, China, Japan and Korea. If you are not an optical wearer then a sunglasses range is also available. Prices for the frames are around £150 and already I have got my eye on couple of them… they are lush! I would like The Katie in fashion pink and The Reese in Plum please! If you can’t get to the store then do not fret, you can check them out here!