How are you all? Good bank holiday weekend? Shame about the weather hey but I have to say at the moment it doesn’t really bother me because I am pretty much home bound nursing this baby of mine. This breastfeeding on demand business is pretty hard work and I feel all I do at the moment is feed her and that’s it. That is my only purpose in life so it is very different to the work life I am used to. With a newborn of course I am up all hours and around the clock and last night as I was doing the night feed I got to catch some of the glamorous gowns at the met ball which is of course a very glitzy event and full of A-list celebs.

There are lots of photos emerging this morning from various different websites, did you see any on your way to work? If so, what was your favourite gown and is it me or is Sarah Jessica Parker’s head piece a tad over the top?! Also, Rihanna’s gown is a bit woah too as in a tad over the top. I am not sure what to make of them. As well as gown spotting I was also specs spotting but as per usual with any red carpet event it is pretty much guaranteed the ladies won’t be wearing specs, but I had hopes for the gents. With all the photographers snapping away and all the flashes going off I was pretty sure someone will be wearing sunglasses and I was right!

Stepping onto the red carpet with super model Naomi Campbell was actor & film producer┬áLee Daniels who has always been a specs wearer. He of course didn’t ditch his specs and wore them with style on the red carpe. ┬áThe lenses have a slight tint to them so they are not your ordinary specs. I think it is fairly often that you see tinted glasses on the red carpet because the tint is great for protecting your eyes against all the flashes. Or you could be like Justin Bieber last night at the met ball who decided to go for it and wear sunglasses.

A slight yellow-ish/orange tint is also great for blocking out strong glare so I think Lee Daniels made a right choice last night plus those bold specs really suited him. A very dashing look with his tux. I am looking forward to seeing next years met ball already for more stunning gowns on that note I better go because I have just finished feeding and now need both hands to attend to the little lady. See you guys again soon!
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