Did you all have a good bank holiday weekend? It was my wedding anniversary weekend so it was a good one for me and to think two years ago I was baby free! Now I am a mum and my husband is now of course a dad, it got me thinking about different celebs parents. Who is perceived in the media as “cool parents” or more importantly “cool dad”s which has lead me to this article sent by the Specsavers team.

Specsavers surveyed 2,000 women in the UK to find the perfect dishy dads and here’s what the nation said! Orlando Bloom’s cheekbones, David Beckham’s hair and Johnny Depp’s eyes and glasses.

UK's Ultimate Dishy Dad

UK’s Ultimate Dishy Dad

The eyes all came up top when it comes to what us ladies like in our men and do you agree readers? In the survey David Beckham, Brad Pitt and Jonny Depp were considered dishy dads and then bachelors such as Leonardo Di Caprio, Joey Essex and Bradley Cooper were considered model dad material. Hooray for Bradley Cooper because I just love him and his eyes are to die for!

In previous research that has taken place it shows that glasses wearers are perceived as more intelligent and successful. With Johnny Depp, David Beckham and Brad Pitt regularly spotted in specs, they can also add to those perceived attributes with their obvious physical charms. So ladies and gents if you are reading this then I think it is clear there are major benefits to wearing specs if you want to enhance your appearance! I certainly find it interesting that men are seen as attractive when it comes to wearing glasses.  A lot of gents out there are happy to wear glasses BUT most ladies are not as keen or feel less attractive. I guess that is the difference between the sexes.

So readers what do you think of the computer generated photo of the dishy dad? Would you fancy him if you see him on the street? In fact tell me who will be your ideal dishy dad? Mine is definitely Bradley Cooper and of course my husband who most certainly is a dishy dad 😉