Last Thursday I attended my first ever event since becoming a mummy.  The event was the all new Ted Baker Moore store launch over in East London (at 132 Commercial Street). Ted Baker is a familiar name in the UK fashion scene and it is getting more popular and well known around the world. Personally I am a huge fan of the brand itself, I have got quite a few items from the clothing range especially the skirts (they are to die for!). I even had a pair of frames but they were from agesss ago. One warning, if you want to go into Ted Baker & Moore store to do your clothes shopping then your choice will be rather limited as it is their first lifestyle store.

MGAM Ted Baker Moore Lifestyle Store Beauty Bar

Ted Baker Beauty Bar

By lifestyle I mean you can buy anything from Ted Baker watches to a Ted Baker bike! Oh and ladies if you fancy getting you nails done whilst you shop then you can with their in store beauty bar! As for the gents if you fancy getting your haircut then you can because there is also a grooming bar. To finish off you can even grab a coffee at the cafe, It is pretty amazing! Personally I loved it and I had my eyebrows done at the beauty bar which was quite a treat considering I haven’t had them done since I was 37 weeks pregnant.

MGAM Ted Baker Moore Lifestyle Store

Ted Baker Moore Lifestyle Store

The Moore store is a truly unique store because its pretty much everything you can buy from Ted Baker all under one roof. There isn’t much clothing in the store but there are some limited edition pieces (especially for the lifestyle store) so it is worth checking out. Another interesting thing I have learned about Ted Baker is that all of their products are actually licensed to specialists to design and produce. Their frames are designed and produced by frame manufacturer Mondotttica. The guys at Mondottica work closely with the peeps who design the jewellery because they want to incorporate acetate into the jewellery design and of course with frames they use a lot of acetate. So it is all very interesting how all the products come together.

MGAM Ted Baker Moore Lifestyle Store Eyewear

Ted Baker Moore Lifestyle Store Eyewear

I was there at the event to of course check out the frames (not that I haven’t seen them before) but it was so refreshing to see them being displayed not in a traditional manner. The main focus is the sunglasses range but you can buy optical frames in store too. You can buy the frame and take it to your local opticians to get lenses put in and fitted but I believe the store and Mondottica do have plans to somehow offer customers a prescription lens service too so watch this space 😉 I think it is a brilliant idea to put glasses in such a fashion focused environment because it can help customers to visualise how a pair of glasses can compliment and enhance an outfit. Plus, it is always more exciting to see shoes, bags, jewellery and clothes, not just rows and rows of glasses like we normally see in your standard opticians. It is about making changes and moving the way we shop for our glasses forward.

Check out the Ted Baker Website for more information on the store.