For today’s blog post you have me filling in for Siu while she is performing her motherly duties! Wow babies take up so much time.

Anyway, I am sure if you are a regular reader you will see that we have been selling this magical stick of wax that stops glasses & sunglasses from sliding down your face! I am of course talking about Nerdwax.

After being featured in the Daily Mail newspaper we saw a surge in sales and sold out in under 36 hours! Well great news, we have got some more, cleared the order waitlist and Nerdwax is once again back in stock and available to buy here!

We decided to not just invest in more stock but also some new images! Here they are!

MGAM - MyGlassesAndMe Nerdwax UK Log Sunglasses

MGAM - MyGlassesAndMe Nerdwax UK Green & Sky

All taken in the great outdoors in rural Hertfordshire we wanted to capture the “natural” & “organic” feel as it fits well with the ingredients of Nerdwax.  We didn’t want to just book some studio time to get those standard generic product shots so a farm with wide open green spaces was the perfect setting.  The weather was great too (luckily).

MGAM - MyGlassesAndMe Nerdwax UK Wood End

There were some beehives nearby which would have been great! However, without the proper safety gear we decided it would be best not to chance it. We have all seen My Girl right?!

We are really pleased with the results of the Nerdwax photoshoot but let us know what you think!