Today I had my second outing since becoming a mummy and I am not going to lie, I rather enjoyed the day off AND the nice warm weather (thanks mum for looking after her!). So… Where did I go today? I went to the Specsavers summer press day where they were showcasing some of their newest frame styles.

3 brands stood out to me the most which were Red or Dead, Converse and Quicksilver. I have to say I was totally in love with one of the Red or Dead frame. There are no words for it apart from fabulous. They are simply fabulous and I would love them to be my next pair of glasses because they go perfectly with my new hairdo too.

I won’t go into too much detail of each brand now as this is just a quick post let you guys know what I’ve been up to, plus I need to get home to baby as I am sure she missed me today. Stay tuned for more info especially if you are a converse fan because they have just launched an exclusive range with Specsavers. The frames are everything a converse fan could hope for, fun, colourful and just really on key with what the brand is all about. Normally for most brands the first collection is always rather weak but Converse was quite the opposite.

Ok on that note I must go and attend to my baby since I have left her since about 11 this morning. Tomorrow evening I will be out again for an event hosted by Tom Davies so Follow me on Twitter and Instagram to see what I get up to. Bye for now!