Swatch is a well known watch brand but did you know they used to produce sunglasses? I certainly was not aware probably because I was too young back then to take notice since they were first produced back in the early 90’s and I was only around 6 years old. For whatever reason it stopped before I was old enough to notice. Now I am in my 30’s it looks like Swatch is ready to try again.

At the moment I haven’t got that much information on this but all I know is they are brining out a sunglasses range later on in this year and the collection will be called Swatch Eyes. Stay tuned for more information later on in the year if you are interested and a fan of Swatch.

I am expecting some eye popping colourful eyewear from them because the brand is very vibrant and fun. I am hoping they will be incorporating some of their watches detail within the eyewear range because they do some rather cool looking watches and it will be a shame not to. In general Swatch watches are very affordable so I should imagine the eyewear will be the same.

I am looking forward to seeing the eyewear range and best of luck to them the second time round.