Today was another outing for this new mummy and yes it does feel odd to leave my (not even 3 month old) daughter behind but what can I do? The blog is my baby too and it has been a bit neglected since the birth.

So, where did I go today? I mentioned yesterday I would be attending the Tom Davies event and that was where I was, over at the flagship store in Sloane Square.

MGAM Tom Davies

The event was to showcase some of the new additions to their collection and from what I heard they were running classes all day to train opticians how to use their bespoke service. I have never been to their flagship store over in Sloane Square before which is a crime itself… I know. So this evening was a new experience for me too and I have certainly learned a thing or two.

MGAM Tom Davies Peacock Glasses

MGAM Tom Davies Peacock Glasses

Tom Davies himself gave me a quick taster of their bespoke service and he has very kindly invited me along to actually experience it for myself. I am not going to lie, I am looking forward see the difference of having a frame that fits me perfectly. It will be like wearing couture, Bespoke by Tom Davies is eyewear’s answer to couture!

I will give you a full write up on the bespoke service once it has been throughly tried and testing! Stay tuned for that.

Tonight I certainly saw some fantastic frames and they even had a frame fit for the Royal Ascot. I of course could not help but to try them on. Yes, the bespoke service is the more serious side to frames but you have got to inject a bit of fun too 😉