Ok, before I start this post I just want to say the salt I am going to talk about is not the type we eat, it is an eyewear brand called Salt. Salt eyewear is designed in California, assemble in Japan and all the frames are inspired by the nature. When I read this press release I actually had a little giggle to myself because Salt bought out a new limited edition of sunglasses with AETHER who is a performance outerwear brand. The reason why I giggled was because a friend of my husbands asked me few weeks back if there are any eyewear brands out there that is suitable to wear with a crash helmet because apparently there isn’t a lot on offer on the market. I do not know anything about motorcycles, all I associate them with is danger but they look pretty cool. That is as far as my knowledge stretches.

He was explaining to me it is hard to find anything to wear under the helmet because the helmet itself it so tight that it just ends up giving him a headache. So when I read Salt and AETHER together have brought out 2 sunglasses styles (the SCOUT and the EXPLORER) that are suitable to wear under a motorcycle helmet I immediately laughed. What a coincidence!



So why are they suitable to wear with helmets? They are made from lightweight, beta-titanium, the frames feature nearly unbreakable temples that are flexible enough to be easily taken on and off while wearing a helmet. Titanium nose pads help keep the glasses in place, providing a comfortable, secure fit that requires little-to-no adjustment while in movement. I am not a motorcyclist myself and the closest thing I have got to it is wearing a helmet was when I did go-karting.  I can understand why those features will be handy to wear with a helmet.

The Scout and the Explorer have extra features which enhance the wearer’s vision, such as windshields and an extended frame-top, reducing wind flow and peripheral sunlight by more than 80%! Perfectly calibrated holes in the windshields ensure peripheral vision is not obstructed. Pretty good hey?!

As well as that they also come in two lens colour options, both with polarised film to block out glare which is important when riding or even driving because of the reflection from the road, especially during those winter months. The first lens option includes a photochromic filter that automatically adjusts to suit the light conditions, guaranteeing clearer vision no matter the location. The second includes a scratch-proof mirror coating that increases glare blockage so the lenses are available in a total of four colorways.

If you are a keen motorcyclist and have the same problem as my husband’s friend then I am sure you will want to check out these frames for yourself! Best thing to do is head to their website Saltoptics.com to find out more. One final thing… the frames are also unisex.