Hello everyone and happy Monday to you all. I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Normally nothing all that exciting happens on a Monday but today is different. I’ve once again left my daughter behind with my mum and headed out to a morning event. Personally I don’t really attend morning events unless it’s something special because now with a baby (and me not living in London), I would really rather not get squashed on the commuter train. However, today is different, I was excited to go because I was invited along to check out an extremely exclusive range of glasses by Cartier.

I am pretty damn sure most people have heard of Cartier but incase you haven’t for whatever reason all you need to know is they make a lot of amazing jewellery and use a girls best friend- diamonds. The collection I saw today is so exclusive that you cannot buy them in just any shop!  If you have around £10,000 – £64,000 to spare you can get your hands on a pair BUT you will need to make an appointment either at Cartier on Bond Street or one of their high end optical stockists.

Cartier Travelling Collection - Diamond Glasses

Cartier Travelling Collection – Diamond Glasses

This range will only be in London for a short amount of time as they will be travelling around the world being showcased to all the exclusive customers of Cartier. These frames are like pieces of jewellery, that is how I felt when I saw them.  Not just because of the precious stones but also the environment they are in, they didn’t feel like “just” a pair of glasses anymore.

So what is so special about them? Well… There are 6 styles in the collection, all the frames are made from 18k gold, then of course not forgetting the precious stones, diamonds! Each frame is hand made in the Cartier factory in France and from the moment you place your order, don’t expect to see them until 365 days later. That is correct, you have read it right… each frame will take a year to make. All the frames can be personalised too so you can pick the colour from gold, rose gold and white gold.  Then if you fancy upgrading the diamonds or changing them to different stones such as sapphires or even different cuts then that too is possible!

Cartier Travelling Collection - Sapphire Glasses

Cartier Travelling Collection – Sapphire Glasses

All the frames are in rimless styles but I think combined with diamonds it actually works best being rimless because they looked so elegant. I don’t think I have ever described glasses as elegant before but there we go, they are.

Normally I love to play around with frames at events but not this time. I was actually scared to touch them because they looked so exquisite and let’s all agree, expensive too. All the gold used to make the frames are kept to the minimum so weight will not be an issue so the comfort factor is still there for the wearer. Cartier basically treats their frame designs like their jewellery and the best thing I’ve learned about them today is everything and I mean EVERYTHING is made in house. No licence is sold to produce their frames, no-one else touches them apart from Cartier.

I will be getting more information on that later on from the PR so stay tuned for some more Cartier news!