I have now settled into my new role as a mummy.  Well… I say settled but it is more like I am surviving. Babies are strange little things because they do what they want, when they want and just when you think you’ve got them all sussed out… overnight they just change. I have learned babies have development spurts at different stages known as “leaps” thanks to my sister-in-law for recommending a book called The Wonder Weeks.

The book basically talks us parents through all the different leaps babies go through up to 18 months old.  In each leap the babies will change in terms of their behaviour because they have picked up new skills. Since they do pick up new skills at each leap they change and start to develop their own personalities. If you are a new parent and want to know what the heck is going on with your baby because you thought you had them all sussed out (and at breaking point like I was), then READ THIS BOOK!

So what has this book got to do with glasses I hear you ask? Well, my little girl is now in her 3rd leap and this leap she may become shy around strangers. In this book a mum gave an example of her sons change during this leap (bearing in mind every baby is different and they really are!).

She said during this leap her son refused to smile at people that were wearing glasses and put on a very stern face!  To get a smile out of him they had to take their glasses off! Babies hey! No one tells them to react like that but it is just their natural instincts. Now, with my little girl I have noticed she does stare at me longer than usual when I wear my glasses and she will REALLY stare at me when I put my sunglasses on. Of course I hope in this leap my little girl will not grow to dislike my glasses otherwise we may have a problem (with me writing about eyewear for a living) but at the same time it will be rather funny.

This leap will last up to 6 weeks so between now to 6 weeks time she may develop a dislike to my glasses. Ha! I do wonder why some babies have a dislike to glasses and some babies have an interest and are fascinated by them. I wonder if the babies who have an interest will automatically become a fan of glasses when they get older. I wonder when my little girl gets older if she will need to wear glasses like myself or have perfect vision like her dad?  I will have to wait and see.