So here we are again, it is time to get our sunnies out and eat strawberries and cream because peeps, of course it is Wimbledon season. I like tennis and I certainly enjoy playing it but I have to admit I haven’t been following it for couple of years now just because various things have been happening.  This season I also have a baby to deal with, I definitely haven’t had the chance to catch the action on the telly. So going with the tennis theme I thought I would let you guys know about Maui Jim.

Maui Jim is one of the best sunglasses brand out there but what about their link to tennis? This year they have got Italian tennis player Flavia Pennetta as the brand ambassador.  Why is she such a fan of the brand? Well in her own words;

“I am incredibly excited to be partnering with Maui Jim. I discovered Maui Jim a few years ago and I became a fan instantly, the quality is simply the best. What I love about Maui Jim is that they have a great sports selection which is good for when I am training and also their fashion line is beautiful. I am very proud to become a Maui Jim ambassador and to be joining an impeccable group of sporting ambassadors”

Flavia Pennetta of Italy poses for Maui Jim in Madrid

Flavia Pennetta of Italy poses for Maui Jim in Madrid

The reason why Maui Jim Sunglasses have such amazing quality is because they have developed their own lenses with a unique PolarizedPlus2® technology which means they eliminate UVA and UVB rays and glare. Both of these rays are very harmful to our eyes and without proper protection they can damage our eyes and can even cause eye cancer just like it can to our skin, so pretty serious stuff. All of Maui Jim sunglasses have the Seal of Recommendation from The Skin Cancer Foundation as an effective UV filter for the eyes and surrounding skin. So they really are good stuff!

On top of that only Maui Jim sunglasses use three rare earth elements among other materials to significantly enhance colour, definition and depth perception. For tennis players and spectators, this means they are better at spotting the ball more clearly. Prices do vary but check out their website for more details and to find your nearest stockist. Also stay tuned because this weekend Maui Jim will be hosting an event in Wimbledon and team MGAM will be attending! Fingers cross for sunshine.