I am sure for all my UK readers you are probably familiar with the name Stephen Fry. For my overseas readers Stephen Fry is a well known comedian, actor, writer and presenter in the UK. I am quite a fan of his, not like a crazy fan (and follow everything he does) but I like him because he seems very knowledgeable and wise. I like a wise person because you can learn a lot from them.

Anyway, on TV I have seen him wearing glasses numerous times but he only ever seems to wear them for reading purposes. I don’t know what brand he wears but what I do know is that in the future, if you see him on TV wearing rimless glasses then they are probably by Silhouette. Yep, that’s right he has been introduced to Silhouette and to guide him through the collection was Hatty- the UK marketing communication manager from Silhouette.

I didn’t actually know this but apparently he favours rimless frames so Silhouette are perfect for him since they are probably one of the best in the market, they are definitely very well known within the optical industry.

TMA Icon Range

TMA Icon Range

I bet you all want to know which frame he went for? Well… they are the TMA Icon range with 8 vibrant colours to choose from. The colour he went for were the blue (as above) but I am unsure which shape he went for.  If you are interested in wearing something good enough for Stephen Fry then there are 8 essential shapes to pick from. In the future if you see him wearing something blue then they may well be the TMA Icon from Silhouette.

If you fancy getting yourself a pair then my advice would be find out if your local opticians stock them or you can go to the Silhouette website and get in touch with them.

Have a great weekend everyone and I shall see you back here next week at some point whenever my daughter gives me 5minutes!