I still remember 100% Optical 2015 very well.  It was back in February when I was over 7 months pregnant. Now… over 6 months later the planning of the 2016 show is well underway. Since I am on maternity leave my involvement with the show this year will be far less.  My baby rules my life at the moment especially because my little madam doesn’t enjoy napping during the day.  Everyday is a battle to get her to just nap for even half an hour.  Anyway, back to glasses!

So for the 2016 show, what is new? Well I guess the major thing that has happened is that high street chain Specsavers has joined the clan which is rather exciting. Amongst that more brands have signed up and we can all expect the show to expand even more this year.

If you are a brand looking to exhibit or still thinking about it then you better hurry because spaces are running out, there is only 6 months to go. If you are a visitor then be prepared to be wowed by what the show has to offer.

I will be at the show this year but only for one day and I will be bringing my baby down to say hi to everyone too. Gosh, she will be 10 months old by then… how scary! Since I will not be committing fully to 100% Optical 2016 I will actually be around for my mum’s birthday this year. Hooray!