So back in June I wrote a post wondering if taking fish oil can improve my eye health and that I would report back. Well, first of all I am guilty of forgetting to take them everyday and secondly I didn’t actually start taking them until the beginning of July.  The PR got in touch because taking them for one month is not enough to feel the benefits. They sent me another 2 months worth which means I can really test them out!

One month on… how am I getting on? Well as I was saying I have forgotten to take them on a few occasions and I totally blame being a new mum because sometimes it really is an achievement if I manage to stuff 3 meals into my mouth, let alone anything else such as supplements.

However, back to my eye health. If I am honest I haven’t felt massive benefits yet but as the PR pointed out, one month is not enough time, plus I have forgotten to take them here and there.  There is however one positive effect that I have noticed which is quite prominent to me.  My eyes feel less dry. I know naturally I have drier eyes than normal and I have to say, taking the Wild Alaskan Fish Oil supplement has helped. Especially with being a new mum, I am constantly battling sleep deprivation so I am sure my eyes should be feeling way worse than they are now but nope… I think this Wild Alaskan Fish Oil is helping. I am coping thats for sure.

When I first started taking them I wasn’t keen on the size of them. They are HUGE! I have a bit of a phobia of taking giant tablets because when I was 16 I had TB (yes as in tuberculosis) and because of that each day I had to take 9 giant tablets for 6 months. I guess you can understand why I have a phobia!  The good thing is they do come in a mini version too. Anyway, I will be back in October when I have finished my supply and I will let you know how I got on.