First of all sorry for the 1 blog post last week but it was quite a week. For my husband and I it was our 10 year anniversary and I had no idea he took time off work! I haven’t written a baby related post for a while now and since my baby is 4 months old I feel it is the right time to do so.  I have learned a few things about babies and what that means to a glasses wearer. As my baby girl is growing bigger she is developing all over.  Things such as discovering that she has hands and feet (babies are born not knowing they have hands and feet. I never knew that until now). It is totally amazing watching her grow and develop and people are right… being a mum is the most incredible and rewarding job.

I never thought I would say that!  When people used to say that to me I thought to myself… “yeah sure, of course it is, maybe because you don’t like your job enough”. How wrong was I because I love my job BUT I love being a mum too, just because this little person is learning so much from me. I never thought I would get excited with things like seeing her grab something or trying to turn her body.

Lately, her grabbing skills (or just using her hands in general) are getting pretty good. She will literally grab and hold anything and everything. That also includes my glasses! Yep thats right… she grabs my glasses. If I am wearing them she most certainly loves to put her saliva covered little hands all over the lenses (annoying x 100!). When I take them off to clean them she will also try to grab them and put them in her mouth. In fact, she actually succeed the other day whilst I was looking for the cloth.

It has become quite annoying and she is only 4 months so I can imagine things will only go one way as she learns more and more, but what to do is the question? I never thought wearing glasses could become annoying with a baby but here we are. What a dilemma! She also finds it absolutely fascinating when I take my glasses off in front of her and she has a little giggle which makes my heart melt. Then when I wear my giant mirrored sunglasses she gets so confused, it is so cute. However, the joys of motherhood outweigh all the glasses grabbing and eating!