Who has been watching the X Factor? Who also watches American Idol? Yep, over the pond American Idol is in full swing and if you are not familiar with it then all you need to know is, the 3 judges are Harry Connick JR, Keith Urban and Jennifer Lopez.  Now… like the X Factor in the UK, every week (as well as lots of buzz on the contestants and the show itself), a lot of attention is being paid on the fashion side of things.

This week to kick off the final season of American Idol auditions J.Lo was spotted wearing Sama sunglasses and she looked fierce in them!

JLO in SAMA Bianca

J.Lo in SAMA Bianca

They look amazing on her and “fierce” is definitely the right word to describe the look. If you fancy getting your hands on a pair yourself and want to know a bit more about that particular frame then this is what you need to know. The frame is called Bianca, it is a Beta Titanium over exaggerated semi rimless cat eye shape in “pearl”‘. They are light weight and incredibly strong, have a Jewellery quality finish, cut with a hydraulic press creating a singular “one-piece” front.  The lenses are called Sky and are cobalt blue with a blue mirror finish. Wow, that was a mouth full! Basically to sum it up they are pretty awesome and if they are good enough for J.Lo then they are good enough for us.

If you do fancy getting your hands on a pair then go to Sama Eyewear website. Prices are around £350 ($545 OR $685.00USD with custom white, liquid gold lenses). Go and treat yourself… it is only 14 weeks until Chritmas 😉