I have not written a beauty post for quite a while now and it is definitely due to the baby. I think I have completely forgotten what the word “beauty” means especially in the first couple of months of motherhood. I know just because I am a mum now it shouldn’t stop me from looking after myself, in-fact looking after myself is very important but it is hard to find the time to do it. The only thing I have really stuck with is to do my nails because I rather enjoy having pretty nails to look at.  I believe it is uplifting to any outfit as well as my mood.

One thing I really miss with my beauty routine (pre baby) is laying on my bed with a face mask then a cool eye mask on top. I feel my eye area is really missing some TLC and with the lack of sleep that area is really being neglected. So when Kilpatrick PR sent me a little something to try that was quick and easy for my eyes, I was more than happy to give them a bash. I literally only got them through the post and it is safe to say I will not get the chance to try them out today.  I will give them a bash over the weekend when my husband is around so I can have a spare 10 minutes and get him to take some photos for me too.

I have high hopes for these Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels because they are apparently the solution for stressed skin and I am petty sure my skin is rather stressed now with the lack of attention I pay it. Some days I even forget to apply my eye cream so my poor eyes are really getting a battering.

On the pack it says they help “firm and de-puff within 10 minutes”. That word “de-puff” sounds great to me because with the lack of sleep for 5 months straight, my eyes have never been this puffy (or at least to me they feel rather puffy). Stay tuned for a follow up post once I have tried them out!