It has literally been ages since I posted anything in this section. Firstly because I have not been out and about as much since falling pregnant last summer then of course having a baby now… I have definitely chilled out a lot on the work front. At the moment life is a little crazy because my parents are moving out of their home and I have still got a lot of my stuff there! Eeeeek! So, even though I settled down in my new home with my husband 2 years ago… I now feel like I am moving again!

Moving home with a baby is even more difficult especially when I am still her main food source. Over the weekend my husband and I decided to do a car boot sale, a great way to get rid of unwanted stuff and earn some extra money. It was actually a really sunny Sunday morning so I had a lot of opportunity to do some sunglasses spotting!

This cute lady was looking at my stuff and I rather liked her sunglasses.  You can’t see too well from the picture but they had a pattern in the opaque acetate, quite unique.  She very kindly posed for me for a street style picture. Thank you and thank you for buying my stuff 😉