Hello readers! First of all sorry for the lack of blogging as I am now dealing with a teething baby AGAIN! We are now in teething episode number 2, before Christmas was episode 1 so sleeping seems like a distant memory at the moment. I have been doing a bit more work on MGAM as my mum is around to help with the baby (hooray!). We are now of course mid way through January and Christmas seems so long ago but it is only now I have time to reflect on MGAM.

Obviously since the birth of my baby back in April I took a massive step back from running MGAM on a daily basis simply because motherhood has been a tough gig and not what I thought it would be. I think I was too naive, but now I am enjoying it and maybe enjoying it a bit too much. ha! Before I used to write the blog on a daily basis Monday – Friday and since April I had to cut back to just 1 to 2 blog posts a week. For 2016 I will be cutting back once again but not because I have less time.  I want to write long, informative, epic, helpful blog posts. I already have a few blog post ideas in mind and these will be bursting full of useful information and facts for us specs wearer!  I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have enjoy researching and writing them!

The reason I am going down this route it is because in a way I do have less time to commit to writing Monday – Friday but where as changing the way I post, I am not restricted to I MUST HAVE A BLOG POST DONE BY THE END OF TODAY. The research can be done whilst my baby is asleep then on the more technical side of things I have been studying my website analytics and some of the search terms used to find MGAM… the term used do seem to be more in depth and are all questions based on a problem that needs solving.

In these new posts I am hoping experts in the field will contribute to offer MGAM readers the maximum benefit and most importantly the correct information. At the moment MGAM magazine will be put on hold a little longer until my baby is at least 1 year old simply, because it does take a lot of time to put together. However readers, do not worry whenever I attend an event or see a celeb that has been spotted in glasses I will still blog it STRAIGHT away along with any other news I deem important.

Above all readers I want to thank you for your loyalty over the past 5 years. Without you guys MyGlassesAndMe would not be where it is today.  We have moved so far forward since July 2011 and in 2016 I feel it is time to have a bit of a shake up with MGAM.

Stay Tuned!