I think the title of this post is probably a bit of a giveaway as to what it is all about. Before we start I want to apologise for the lack of writing in December as I was in baby teething hell. I was dealing with a teething baby who simply did not want to sleep and I was barely functioning as a human being but now I feel more human again, apart from the exhaustion from Christmas and possibly over eating!

So, the blog started back in the summer of July 2011 when my husband was still my boyfriend and we were still living in a carefree world of doing what we wanted, when we wanted. Now… nearly 5 years later we are married and have a 8 month old baby to deal with. It certainly has been a journey and the blog really has grown a lot since day one.

Am I happy with the progress? I would be lying if I said yes everything is good and I want to stop here. I always believe there is room for improvement but yes, in general I am happy with how the blog has grown to what it is today.

From having just few hundred readers a month to now well over 5000 per month I am certainly happy with the growth. My aim from day one was to make people more aware of eyewear and get everyone to see them as equals to other fashion accessories because eyewear seems to never be seen as “fashionable”. The main question I think I need to ask myself is, within the 5 years do I think I have achieved that? The answer I think is a no, not yet, but I am getting closer. The eyewear industry in the UK is drastically changing and the blog was certainly started at the right time so we are moving forwards with the industry and I like to think we are giving it a helping hand!

With change it also opened so many opportunities for MGAM. Such as working with the brand new London Optical show 100% Optical back in 2013 and in 2014, we have also been writing for trend forecasting house WGSN. I would say that in the MGAM journey so far those two are definitely the most memorable achievements.

In a way looking back I cannot believe we are at our 1000th post and even now people do often ask me how is it possible to have so much to write about to do with eyewear? I always say to them it is about being creative and the blog isn’t just focused on fashion, it is a blog where I shares stories of being a glasses wearer that perhaps only fellow glasses wearers would understand.  My posts can even just be things that I have come across which get me thinking about eyewear. Then not forgetting my new favourite topic… eyewear and beauty! This is how I can write so much on eyewear because it isn’t just about a pair of glasses, it is the whole package of being a specs wearer.

On that note, I will finish my 1000th post here and I just wanted to say a massive thank you to all my loyal readers even though since baby was born I have been blogging less but you guys are still supporting and reading my blog so THANK YOU! I cannot thank you enough and without you readers my blog will not be here, that is for sure! On that note I better go as baby is calling. Wish me luck!

P.S I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New year and I hope 2016 will be a great year for you all.