100% optical 2016 has come around so fast! Incase you are all wondering why I haven’t mentioned it much leading up to the show (happening tomorrow!), it is because I am currently on maternity leave. It is scary to think this time last year I was nearly 7 months pregnant and now my baby girl is 10 months old! I have been taking a massive step back from running the blog as motherhood has been rather challenging.  Even 10 months on I am still learning. Everyday is an adventure with the little madam.

However, I have been kept up-to-date on things that are happening at the show and I will be popping down for one day (tomorrow, Saturday 6th) with baby to say hi to everyone so I guess it is more pleasure than work. There will be far less chance to check out glasses with the demands of a baby but I will certainly do my best.

So what’s new with the show? Well… many new brands (big and small) have joined the line up for 2016. The likes of Fabris Lane (who pretty much supply to all of Boots Opticians), Specsavers and lens company Essilor will be exhibiting.  Then not forgetting a particular brand I saw fairly recently Walter & Herbert, and many more! So all in all definitely a few new brands at the show.  As per usual I am excited to see the design arcade where you will find some of  the niche eyewear brands, then not forgetting the fashion show (always a favourite).

For me I think the exciting thing is also seeing big brands returning to the show such as William Morris who has been there from day one when the show opened in 2014. We are also seeing the return of Mondottica and Tom Davies (Which reminds me, due to baby this year I have completely forgot to do the Dada competition). It is highly exciting to see so many big names within the industry supporting this show because it is a breath of fresh air and us consumers will only benefit from it. With so many brands who normally wouldn’t exhibit in the UK buyers were missing out, but not anymore. Hooray to us!

If you are going to the show then I will hopefully see you there!