Early in the year I said MGAM will be changing, moving forward and expanding. We will be writing less so no more Monday – Friday posts.   Instead we will be doing longer more informative “epic” blog posts once a month. Packed full of information that us specs wearers can relate to.

The first post I am going to focus on will be a beauty post. I have been doing much research on this and I even went along to the professional beauty show over the weekend at London ExCeL. I was way out of my comfort zone as my knowledge on beauty is rather limited. I moisturise my face, I use eye cream and I wear the smallest amount of make-up simply because I do not understand all the products that are out there and how to use them.

Professional Beauty Show Findings

Professional Beauty Show Findings

It was fun and I certainly have learned a thing or two. One question I get asked over and over again is… “Can wearing glasses cause dark circles?” You know what… I got chatting to a beauty brand (Caci) at the show and I was informed…. the answer to that is YES!

Shock horror for us specs wearers and the “myth” has been answered but how can we prevent and solve this problem? Well, that readers you will have to stay tuned for that!  I am still in the middle of gathering all the information so I won’t say anymore than that for now.  I wouldn’t want to give you any wrong information.

In the blog post I will be explaining how glasses cause us to have dark circles. I will include the science behind it but broken down into a simple easy to read format.  I will also be letting you know how we can control this problem, what are the best beauty products out there to keep our eyes looking healthy (and hopefully dark circle free). It has been fun doing this research and MGAM will also be launching a YouTube channel where I will reveal more beauty tips plus just about anything only us specs wearers will understand and can relate to. Stay tuned!