This is the glasses wearers guide to beautiful eyes! This is the one I have been telling you about, the one I have mentioned numerous times, it is here, finally. It has taken me a while to gather all the correct information from industry professionals as I don’t want to give out any incorrect info. As an optical wearer I do find I am more conscious of my eyes (including the surrounding areas) and how to take care of them, so this is why I want to put a spotlight on this topic.

In this article you will find answers to some of my most asked questions by people I met at Press days, optical professionals and of course, you lovely readers! There is a real mix of questions but these are also the ones that I often want to find the answers to myself and one previous MGAM blog post in particular has been a rather hot topic. “Can Glasses Cause Dark Circles?” the answer is below!

I have spoken to 3 different beauty experts from different brands that are all specialists in their respective fields. I have asked them a list of my most frequently asked questions, which they all very kindly answered. The brands are Caci International, Resultime and SKN-RG.

CACI International are synonymous with the ‘non-surgical facelift’ that has garnered a celebrity following that includes Jennifer Lopez and supermodel Linda Evangelista. With a celeb client lists like that you know they are good at what they do.

Resultime is known in the beauty industry as the “best kept beauty secrets” and it is result driven who specialise in anti-ageing. Their eye cream won one of the most prestigious award in France too in the beginning of 2016 which I am currently testing out ( I will let you know the result soon as I have been taking a photo a day first thing in the morning).

Finally we have got SKN-RG which is an all natural organic beauty brand with award winning performance in skincare.

Here are the answers to all those important beauty questions for us specs wearer from 3 very different beauty brands to cover all areas of beauty.

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