This Summer will mark the 5th birthday of MyGlassesAndMe (MGAM)! How can we be 5 years old already? We have been writing about eyewear pretty much none stop for 5 years; I think that is quite an achievement. Even now, 5 years later I still have people asking me how could I write about eyewear constantly and the answer is, easily. Passion – that is what it’s down to. If you have been following MGAM from the very beginning, you would know the blog has had a few facelifts over the years and that we have worked with some big names within the eyewear and fashion industries. Here at MGAM we are very proud of all of those achievements.

The MGAM online shop was launch back in January 2015 and the idea behind the shop is to sell products relating to us optical wearers or just eyewear lovers in general. The first product we introduced was NerdWax and have been hard pushed to find anything else that we like. I know just selling 1 product is not enough but we want to sell good quality products that we believe in and NerdWax is just a fantastic product! A little bee wax-based stick which helps stop our glasses, sunglasses or reading glasses from sliding off our noses!

For Summer 2016, we have decided to launch the first MGAM sunglasses range. I bet some of you are thinking the blog is focused on glasses so why not launch a glasses range? I do hear you but we have gone with sunglasses first to test the market out. It also goes with the next epic blog post I am working on which is all about sunglasses and what the difference are between a cheap and an expensive pair of sunglasses (stay tuned for that blog post if you have always wondered).

MGAM Sunglasses - Ibiza - Sunset

MGAM Sunglasses – Ibiza – Sunset

For the very first MGAM sunglasses collection, I have called it the Experimenter Collection. It is quite a personal collection to me because each pair is named after places I have visited and that is what those frames remind me of. Let’s face it, whenever we go on holiday, especially to somewhere hot and sunny, a pair of sunglasses is always on the top of our “to pack” list.

MGAM Sunglasses - Japan - Tokyo

MGAM Sunglasses – Japan – Tokyo

The sunglasses price point is not the cheapest but is certainly not the most expensive.  The MGAM Sunglasses Experimenter Collection are priced from £59.99 – £79.99.  I wanted to offer my readers a good quality pair of sunglasses that will last you years and do not compromise on the level of protection.

These sunglasses lenses protect you 100% from both UVA and UVB rays which are very important. The styles within the collection are all very wearable and of a good quality so you don’t need to buy a new pair every year. It is a unisex range and you will find all the sizes in the description section. Some sizes may be more suitable for male or female but if you want to go large then go for it!

For the launch we are giving 10% off all sunglasses!!  Just use SUMMER16 at the checkout!  Check out the range for yourself and enjoy the sunshine knowing you are 100% protected from those harmful rays.