Back in March when I was still on maternity leave, and I started to plan the future of MGAM, I was keen to cover more eye beauty related subjects as it has always been a hot topic on the blog. At the end of February, I attended the Professional Beauty Show over at the London ExCeL and I met a beauty brand called Resultime by Collin Paris. They had an award-winning eye cream at the show, the “5 Expertise Eye Cream”. They very kindly offered to send me a complimentary pot to try so I could see the results for myself. I must admit I was not going to turn the opportunity down to review the eye cream because I was (and still am) a tired mum who never gets enough sleep. I am pretty sure my dark circles are getting more prominent. I am also worried my glasses might accentuate them. Plus, I have always believed in taking care of our eyes because they are what people look at first.

It was the perfect chance to cover this topic and perhaps help some of you readers to uncover some of those eye cream dilemmas as there are soooooo many on the market. So this is how I conducted my experiment…

The Setup

I took a photo a day for a month right at the beginning of the day, standing in the same spot and trying my hardest to stand and pose in a similar manner.  I have not altered the photos in any way other than cropping into the eye area.

This cream says it will tackle 5 signs of ageing which are: dark circles, puffiness, pockets of fat, wrinkles and sagging. For me, I was more interested in tackling the dark circles and puffiness. Since becoming a mum, I have really noticed my ever developing dark circles and the sleepless nights do cause puffiness.

With those two concerns in mind, I was excited to see the difference. To be honest, I am lucky to have my mum’s skin because even at the age of 60 she does not have many wrinkles and her skin is still pretty firm. My skin is still good, and a lot of people think I am in my 20’s (I wish I were!).

First things first, the cream does last longer than a month so don’t worry about that. A month was the time frame I set myself for this experiment. So, after a month of using the cream twice a day (once in the morning and once at night). What do I think?

The Results

My 30 day Resultime 5 Expertise Eye Cream Test Results

My 30 day Resultime 5 Expertise Eye Cream Test Results

My 1st Concern – Dark Circles

Well, regarding the dark circles they are still there. It hasn’t got rid of them which was what I was hoping for, but they do appear reduced. However, I do understand the cream doesn’t promise it will get rid of anything so that was just my personal hope. I am sure being constantly sleep deprived will not be helping the matter but one thing I will say is I do believe the cream have kept the dark circles at bay.

My 2nd Concern – Puffiness

The puffiness was never too bad to start. It only really affects me when I have a really bad week of sleep due to the baby. As I was trialling the cream out I haven’t noticed any puffiness at all! The cream is clearly doing the trick and keeping it under control, so I was pleased.

My 30 day Resultime 5 Expertise Eye Cream Test Comparison

My 30 day Resultime 5 Expertise Eye Cream Test Comparison

My Additional Benefits – Firmness & Smoother Skin

After a month of using Resultime eye cream, I can certainly feel and see the skin around my eyes is a lot smoother. It does feel even firmer than before too, and they were not even the things I was initially worried about. I am still using the cream, twice a day, so I will see how I continue to get on. The dark circles and puffiness have been kept at bay. There have been many sleepless nights with the baby and it no longer shows on my face!

Resultime 5 Expertise Eye Cream

Resultime 5 Expertise Eye Cream


My conclusion, the Resultime 5 Expertise Eye Cream works! Perhaps if I carry on with it I may see the dark circles slowly vanishing, but I do believe a lot of it is to do with lifestyle. At the moment my lifestyle as a new mum, I don’t think the cream can counter the amount of sleep I am NOT getting. So for me, keeping them at bay is good enough for the time being. I can see and feel my skin is smoother and firmer so to me that is a win-win! I would recommend this cream to you my fellow readers, but please do bear in mind our skin types are all different and a lot it is down to our lifestyle too.  You can checkout the cream here.

If you abuse your body and don’t take care of it, no matter what cream you use, it will not fix the problem. I have learned this from my previous epic beauty post. Do have a read if you have time because the post is all about eye care, eye health and answers some of the glasses wearing myth such as “Can wearing glasses cause dark circles” (hint…YES, but click here to find out why and how to prevent it!).