Back on 7th May, I attended the Saturated colour press event over in Essex. If you are unaware of Saturated colour, then let me introduce you to them. They are a lip colour brand based in Essex and is a family business. I know you guys are probably thinking I am slacking here and not blogging about things straight away. Well, I do have a very good excuse because I have been doing some product testing for them. You can’t write about a product you are supposed to have used unless you have actually tried it out!

I bet you are all thinking what the hell has lip colour got to do with eyewear? Well, personally I think it is an important part of wearing glasses because the right lip colour can alter your look completely. I have always stuck by the rule, red is a safe colour that works with almost all frame colours, so I always have a red lippy in my bag.

The brighter the colour, the more your lips and frame will pop! If you are wearing a black or any other neutral coloured frame (which includes tortoiseshell) and fancy giving yourself a new look, or just to revamp your look for the evening then go bright on your lips! You will be amazed what a difference it will make.

Within the Saturated Colour range, I was given 3 products.  The SheerStick in See-thru-rouge (of course red), their new lipstick colour in Magnetic Melon and the all new Multitasker.

The SheerStick

The SheerStick was totally perfect to wear all day long. It is basically a bit like a lip balm, on a stick, with colour. It has got all the goodness of a lip balm such as Vitamin E, jojoba oil and a menthol scent for an uplifting sensation. It offers a hint of colour, but I do find the more I put on, the more prominent the colour. So during the day, I just put some on lightly as and when to give me a hint of colour.  However, come the evening, I put a lot more on, and the colour does become more intense. Although red is the perfect companion for any specs wearer, if it is really not your thing then do not fret as there are 7 other colours to choose from.

Me Wearing Saturated Colour SheerStick Sheer Thru Rouge

Me Wearing Saturated Colour SheerStick Sheer Thru Rouge

Magnetic Melon

Now, their new lip colour Magnetic Melon which I have also tried out… Wow! What a colour, it does make your lips really pop. I am totally in love with it and have had many compliments while wearing it. It is an orangey colour which could look quite daunting to some because it is bright but once you put it on, it isn’t so bad.  I think that particular shade of orange could be my new go-to lip colour instead of red because it worked quite well with a few of my frames and let’s face it, I have a LOT of frames in different colours. If you have a black frame and want a contrast, then I highly recommend the Magnetic Melon. I am sure quite a few of you readers have black frames.

Me wearing Saturated Colour LipStick Magnetic Melon

Me wearing Saturated Colour LipStick Magnetic Melon

The Multitasker

Finally, the Multitasker. What is it exactly? It is the only pencil you will need in your make-up bag because it does EVERYTHING. Eyes, lips, eyebrows, face and body art! What more could you ask for from one pencil that costs only £3.50? It’s easy to apply, the pencil tip is also really soft and pleasant to use, and the colour does stay on quite well. I am a fan! The Multitasker comes in an impressive amount of shades; there are 20 colours to pick from, ranging from the must-have trusty black to a fun light blue.

As well as the three products I have reviewed, they have also got lots of other clever products. Such as a colour changing lipstick so you can change any colour lipstick you have in your collection if you are bored of them. It could actually work quite well for us specs wearers who have a new frame but don’t wish to change their lip colour too drastically. Or like me, who have too many pairs of glasses and my lipstick collection cannot catch up.