Last week I went along to the launch of the Jessica de Lotz x Frame Chain Collaboration. I think the name Frame Chain is probably a bit of a giveaway as to what they are about. Before I go into more detail on this collaboration, I have a confession to make. I am not a fan of glasses chains, I never seem to find any that make me go “wow, they are cool. I need it”. They do just remind me of elderly ladies/librarians (no offence to and elderly ladies or librarian may I add, I’m just explaining my thoughts).

I have heard of Frame Chain before and they are trying to shake off that image associated with glasses chains. You can see why, as their chains are different and way cooler than any other glasses chains I have come across. I also like the idea of trying to make a glasses chain into a piece of jewellery. Something pretty that looks no different to a necklace. However, I was still not completely sold on it. I know, I am hard to please but I do like my glasses and I definitely like my jewellery too.

Before I went to this press launch I was sceptical but I wanted to see what they did because I really do believe glasses chains will make a comeback.  Just look at the 90’s fashion coming back in, glasses chains were quite a 90’s thing.

Frame Chain

Frame Chain

First of all, I was wowed by the Jessica de Lotz shop, it was so cute with a touch of vintage and I also loved Jessica (the owner of the shop). She was so fabulous and so passionate about what she does, which is making fantastic jewellery. Jessica specialises in the personalisation of jewellery and her signature look is the wax seal design. She has got many designs to choose from in her shop, just think of design and it may be possible to make it into a reality.

Frame Chain - Glasses Chain Charm

Frame Chain – Glasses Chain Charm

This collaboration, we see Jessica’s signature seal charms dangling on a belcher-style glasses Frame Chain where you can add charms as you go along. The glasses chain also doubles up as a necklace. It is a truly versatile piece of jewellery.Did I like this collaboration I hear you ask? Damn right I did! I like the fact all charms can be personalised and I LOVE the fact this collaboration make the glasses chain cool! It doesn’t look like an ordinary glasses chain which is a massive bonus point for me and I love how you can wear it just as a necklace. It is a hit with MGAM!

Frame Chain - Glasses Chains

Frame Chain – Glasses Chains

Want to get your hands on one? Here are the details. Available online at and from mid-August, the pieces will also be available in store at Jessica de Lotz’s award-winning boutique in the designer’s flourishing hometown of Kentish Town