I am extremely excited to announce this (since I have been keeping this under wraps for quite a while). MGAM has always been a consumer-focused blog and we will continue to be. However, we are expanding and will be offering a new service for the entire optical industry.  The new service has been named “MGAM Acuity” and in a nutshell, it is a trend forecasting service specifically aimed at the optical market.

MGAM Acuity Logo

MGAM Acuity Logo

The service will not only focus on the trends for frame designers but it can also assist buyers, sales reps or big manufacturing houses to see what has been selling in the past and present. This means the right decisions can be made when buying, selling and producing new frames. This service will also apply to other areas of the industry too.

I really am so excited about this because “trends” are mostly focused on fashion and other creative industries with the optical world always being overlooked. Now we have been going for over 5 years we want to inject something new and exciting to help the optical industry grow.

At the moment the service is still under development so we only have the front end complete but we would love for you to sign up and be a beta tester. We want feedback as to what is both good and bad about the service so we can improve it further. It is safe to say I will be a busy bee over the next few months working on the back end of the site.

After writing for WGSN, I can see the importance of their service to the creative industry and I hope MGAM Acuity can achieve the same for the optical world.

If you work in the optical sector then please take a quick look and sign up to become a beta tester!

Check out the website here.

Let us help your business go further and achieve your goals!