Back in June, I reviewed Resultime 5 Expertise Eye Cream. Now, 2 months later I am about to write another eye cream review, this time it is about Dermalogica total eye care cream. I started using the cream on 19th June and I am still using it.  I feel that two months of usage is more than enough time to now give it a fair review.

The setup is exactly the same as last time. I took a photo of myself each day standing in the same spot, first thing in the morning, no makeup and trying to keep my pose the same, every day for 2 months. So how did I get on?

Dermalogica Total Eye Care Cream Review

Dermalogica Total Eye Care Cream Review

I had the same concerns as always, such as dark circles (the main one), fine lines, puffiness and bags under my eyes. Before I start, I want to make it clear that any cream is not there to magic away everything straight away, and I am a strong believer that if your are eating well it will show on the outside. Lifestyle plays a crucial part too. I know at the moment (being a new mum), my lifestyle of being sleep deprived does not help the matter, but I am hoping the cream keeps everything at bay, and I don’t look 10 years older. Ha!

I cropped all the photos of me and focused on the eye area so you don’t have to zoom in. It is a week by week comparison because I am pretty sure you don’t want to see 60 photos of me, might be a bit too much!

So, on day one 19th June 2016. You can see I do have quite visible dark circles and a slight bit of puffiness.  Throughout the two months, I noticed the cream reduced my dark circles massively. They became less noticeable and since becoming a mum, I am rather conscious of my dark circles.  I swear I have never seen them before having a baby, even after partying all night. Ha!

Dermalogica Total Eye Care Cream Review

Dermalogica Total Eye Care Cream Review

Some days, after little sleep due to baby, waking up at 5.30am, I can see the dark circles reappearing, but it is less obvious than before so I really do believe the cream is keeping them well under control. I have never come across a cream that has made that much difference to my dark circles, but I did initially wonder if it was due to its colour.  The colour of the cream looks a bit like a light concealer. It is a skin tone colour so I wondered if that was the secret weapon which helps it reduce dark circles. It turns out, the cream itself has been formulated without artificial fragrances AND any colour.  So before you all ask if they added some colour to it to act like a concealer… the answer is no, brilliant.

Puffiness was never the main worry, but it would be nice to see it gone. I have to say; I am not sure if it is because I don’t suffer too much from it, but I really cannot see the cream has made an impact in this area. If you take a look at my week by week photos, I am sure you can all agree I really didn’t suffer from puffiness too much anyway.

Then there were fine lines.  They never concerned me too much, but I do know that I have some really tiny ones, coming through from the corner of my eyes by my nose. I was impressed the cream worked so well to tackle them.  It did a fantastic job because looking at that area now I have forgotten they were even there.

The cream is really light and easy to apply and it absorbs quickly too which is fantastic. You don’t need a lot to feel your skin being moisturised.  One of my favourite things about this cream is that it comes with SPF 15 protection. Most sunglasses don’t actually protect you 100% from the sun, especially when the rays are coming from the side and reflect in behind the frames. To me with the SPF 15 I felt my skin was properly protected. Remember, harmful sun rays are one of the main causes of wrinkles and can cause our skin colour to change as we age. So to me, that is a massive bonus.


Overall, was I impressed with the Dermalogica total eyecare eye cream? The answer is yes!

The cream claims it helps conceal dark circles, reduce the appearance of puffiness and fine lines. For me, the dark circles and fine lines were definitely taken care of and worked for me. I was really impressed that it comes with SPF 15 protection too.

So would I recommend it to my readers? The answer is yes. The cream does what it says, and it is easy to apply, light, didn’t feel greasy at all, and you can use it first thing in the morning and last thing before bed. I tend to put more on before bed, hoping for “extra impact” while I sleep with my skin soaking in all the goodness from the cream.

You can find out more about the Dermalogica total eye care cream here and their other products. The eye cream which I tested is priced at £39.20. I know it may seem pricey, but it does last. I am still using mine now, it doesn’t feel like it is running out anytime soon. The Dermologica total eye care cream with SPF 15 gets a thumbs up from MGAM. Try it for yourself!

Stay tuned because once I finish using the Dermologica total eye care cream I have got another product of their’s to try. That is the Dermologica ultrasmoothing eye serum. I will of course once again try out the product for at least a month before letting you know what I think, stay tuned for that.