So, back on 14th August, just over a month ago, we announced the exciting news that a new division of MyGlassesAndMe will be launching. For the past 5 years we have been a consumer-focused blog but this new division called MGAM Acuity is designed for the industry. At the moment we are in full swing of development.

With MGAM Acuity I am basically bringing fashion trend forecasting knowledge into the world of optical. So, yes MGAM Acuity is a trend forecasting service specifically for optical professionals. I am combining my fashion and optical knowledge and putting it to good use.

As well as the trend side of things there will also be another section, It is an area we have been working very hard at and is where some clever stuff happens.  We have called it MGAM Acuity Insights because it provides an insight into the world of optical.  It will provide you with information about frames that are currently on the market. Such as, brands, models, colours, styles, sizes, features, prices of both optical and sunglass frames.  It will also show you how well things are selling. For example, if you wish to find out how well cat eye glasses has been selling in the past few months, MGAM Acuity Insights will have the answer. Using our new service, buyers know what to buy in, designers can see how well it has been selling and maybe able to do a revamp version to boost interest of the cat eye which equals to £££.

So you see, it is not all about fashion, fashion, fashion (which is what I love) but also a very clever service that provides extremely useful information that can help businesses make buying decisions and aid the design process.

MGAM Acuity - See Beyond Tomorrow

MGAM Acuity – See Beyond Tomorrow

At the moment we do not have an exact launch date because it is a massive job to get everything working as it should, but it will be Spring 2017.

If that does sound like something of interest, as a buyer, designer or you work in optical and just want to see what it is all about then please become a beta tester.  It is free to test out and have access to these services before anyone else!

This weekend is “Silmo weekend”, 23rd – 26th September so please be sure to follow MGAM Acuity on Twitter @MGAMacuity and Instagram @MGAMacuity because we will be posting some tweets and photos on trends, frames and all things fashion related.

In the meantime please visit the website for more information about the team and to become a beta tester. See Beyond Tomorrow with MGAM Acuity.