Last night if you were following me on social media then you would have known I was at the Sky Garden for a very special birthday party. Optoplast turned 70 this year and to mark this special occasion I was invited along to celebrate with them. For all my optical industry readers I am sure you know who they are, for all my consumer readers, you may not. However, you will probably know a lot of the eyewear brands they produce.

Sky Garden - Optoplast 70th Birthday

Sky Garden – Optoplast 70th Birthday

Optoplast was first established back in 1946 but they were not always known as a glasses manufacturer. They started off providing the industry with all kinds of optical accessories including cloths, cases and much more.

Now, Optoplast still produce optical accessories but also produce some of the most well known eyewear brands such as, Julian McDonald, Oasis, Nicole Farhi, John Smedley and many more, including my current favourite, Walter & Herbert. Even at the age of 70, they are still going strong and working with new brands. The latest brands in their portfolio are Walter & Herbert (a family business that originally belonged to the grandfather of one of the Optoplast CEO’s) and Reykjavik Eyes.

Walter Herbert - Reykjavik Eyes

Walter Herbert – Reykjavik Eyes

Last night at the event they did showcase both brands and I was delighted to see Walter & Herbert again because during my trip to Silmo the CEO, James Conway showed me their Asian fit range.  The whole collection now comes in Asian fit! I cannot stress how much I love them for that, it is so hard to find acetate frames that fit my nose. Asian noses are typically smaller and flatter compared to western nose shapes. The nose bridge of the acetate frame needs to be built deeper to compensate for this. Funnily enough, a LOT of the opticians I have come across, whether they are chains or independents, they do not have Asian fit frames.  The only option is to buy a frame that has external built in nose pads so it can be adjusted. Normally only metal frames come with those and overall I am not a massive fan of metal frames so it has been tricky for me to find something that I love and fits really well.

So, yes, you will be hearing me rave about Walter & Herbert frames for quite a while and I cannot thank the CEO enough for very kindly sending me not one, not two but THREE frames because he knew I loved them so much during Silmo. It was a lovely surprise and I cannot express how much I appreciate that.

Brands do often gift me with acetate frames because they know how much I love them but I cannot wear them for long periods of time due to the discomfort factor but I will not have that problem now.

For all my Asian readers I highly recommend them and did I mention that they are ALL made in England? I mean, hello! What is made in England now days? So they are truly special frames. For this very special occasion, they also produced some limited edition frames with some really impressive packaging. Check out the image below! They will be available to buy soon!

Walter & Herbert - Special Edition

Walter & Herbert – Special Edition

Anyway, happy birthday to you Optoplast and thank you for inviting me along to celebrate this special occasion. I wish you all the success for the future and I am looking forward to seeing more from Walter & Herbert especially.