This is the final product I am testing from the Dermalogica eye care range. If you have been following the beauty section of the blog then you are probably aware that I tested their eye care cream back in September 2016. The product I am testing now is called Ultrasmoothing Eye Serum, on the bottle it says it is “firming eye serum to help smooth fine lines on even the most sensitive skin”. Firstly, I do not have sensitive skin so I will not be testing it for that purpose but I will be looking out for how firm, smooth and how much it really irons out my fine lines.

Since becoming a mum in April 2015, I would say I have become obsessed with eye cream that fights any signs of ageing because motherhood is the most tiring thing in the world. The effect is me looking constantly tired and ageing me badly, dark circles, bags, wrinkles and fine lines are all things which can age a person. From my last Dermalogica post, fine lines were never a major concern as such BUT they are appearing so this serum is the perfect follow up for me.

I started to use the serum on 14th October so I have been taking a photo each day, standing in the same spot and roughly doing the same post for 2 months. I feel that 2 months is a fair amount of time to give this product a really good test. Even now the experiment has ended, I am still using the serum because there is so much left because it is a good size bottle.

The Results

Eyecream Test from Day 1 - 18

Eyecream Test from Day 1 – 18

So, how did I get on? Did this serum keep my fine lines at bay like it says on the bottle? First of all take a look at the image above. This time I have done a day to day comparison because I know some readers were not happy with me doing a week to week comparison¬†last time. This time I am showing you 54 close up photos of myself, it’s not quite 2 month’s worth because I felt there are too many images and made the overall look of the post odd.

I have to say, October (and leading up to Christmas) was really challenging because baby kept waking up in the middle of the night and refused to go back to sleep. I then had to function like a normal human being and work during the day so it was tough, and some days, I thought I looked so terrible that no lotion or potion will help with my tired looking eyes. So, the serum, I think from day 1 it is obvious I do have fine lines coming from the inner corner of my eyes and by day 60, I hope you can all agree the fine lines have been kept under control and they look less obvious. I think my skin also looks smoother too, it certainly feel smoother.

Eyecream Test 19 - 36

Eyecream Test 19 – 36

Admittedly, I was hoping for an even better result but I do know the serum is not a magic potion because, with my lack of sleep, the fine lines can only be kept under control and not completely removed. I think that is one thing we all have to remember, inner health and looking after your body is an important factor. In some ways, I was actually rather impressed with how well the serum has kept my fine lines under control and I thought I actually looked half decent considering not sleeping much because of the baby.

Now we have ironed out (no pun intended) how well the serum worked. What was the texture like? At first, I wasn’t too keen because I thought it was rather runny and it took me a while to get the hang of not pouring the whole bottle out. In the beginning, I always ended up with too much on my finger and of course I didn’t want to waste it so I just put it all on. It did feel greasy and certainly not ideal for us glasses wearers since our glasses will most certainly slide off. However, once I got the hang of it and poured out the right amount, it was fantastic. It didn’t really feel greasy, it absorbed super quick and felt so light and my eyes felt lifted almost immediately.

Eyecream Test 37 - 54

Eyecream Test 37 – 54

The verdict

Now, here comes the MGAM verdict for us glasses wearers (or just eye care lovers). Even though the result wasn’t what I was hoping for (which was baby skin), I really believe the serum has helped with keeping the fine lines at bay and not making them as visible over time. If I had the luxury of having more sleep, then I think the result would have been even better. I am a believer of looking after your body internally as well as externally.

Yes, the liquid-like consistency did annoy me a little at first because I ended with too much which, as I found out, applying too much equals greasiness. Once I got it nailed, it was easy to use, super absorbent and not greasy at all. Not being greasy is an important factor for us specs wearer too. Nothing is more annoying than our glasses sliding off (hence NerdWax was invented). With the Dermalogica Ultrasmoothing Eye Serum, my skin felt smoother and I’d like to think they look smoother too.

Day 1 and Day 54

Day 1 and Day 54

This is my last post testing Dermalogica products unless they bring out something new. Slowly I am starting to worry my eye area and I want to prevent it from looking terrible, I don’t want to look 10 years older.

Before my serum runs out, I am in search for the next eye care product that can magic away dark circles instantly and give me beautiful and NOT tired looking eyes.

The search is on but in the meantime, if you fancy giving the serum a try then head over to the Dermalogica website, right here.