Let me give you a bit of background on this post. 2017 is a special year for Jason and Karen Kirk as they celebrate 25 years of working in optics. When I first started blogging I always remember meeting Jason Kirk early on and he gave me a lot of advice about the industry. Even now, nearly 6 years on, I am still very grateful for his time. He has a wealth of experience within the industry.

Jason’s family has been in the world of optics since 1919 and Jason’s father, all his brothers and cousins all worked as opticians so I think you can say it is in his blood. However, Jason started his work life working in publishing then stepped across to sales and marketing for L’Oreal, so not exactly what you would expect.

Karen & Jason Kirk Today

Jason & Karen Kirk Today

Jason came across a box of old frames as he was helping his dad to clean out his practice and it was that moment his passion for eyewear came flooding back, so it is in his blood after all!

Jason is known for making frames in Acrylic, the colours of them are always stunning and that type of finishing and colour is only achievable using acrylic. I have always been amazed by the stunning colours of his creations.

Like they say, behind every successful man there is a great woman and that certainly seems to be the case. Jason met his wife Karen in 1992 and his passion for eyewear soon transferred.  It was that year they launched their very first optical business together, from then on, they never looked back.

Kirk&Kirk QUARTZ

Kirk&Kirk QUARTZ

For their 25 year anniversary, they have gone back to their roots and are launching the Quartz collection. A stunning range of frames which use specially commissioned materials that glitter and sparkle, celebrating eyewear that is bold and brash. Now that sounds like something MGAM will be a fan of.

I haven’t seen the collection first hand yet but I will do when I am off to Mido (one of the biggest optical trade shows) at the end of February. Be sure to follow us on social media to check out the frames when I get to see them at Mido. I cannot wait, I love a bit of subtle bling in frames.

Many congrats to Jason and Karen on their 25 years in optics. What an achievement, it is a tough industry.

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