It is amazing to think that MyGlassesAndMe started nearly 6 years ago back in July 2011. It started off as a bit of a hobby and is now a fully functioning limited company. It sure has been quite a journey. This journey is still continuing and is taking me to places I never even dreamed of before. Over the years I have worked with some amazing brands, made a lot of friends within the industry and opened my eyes further to the industry, in a whole new way.

As some of you are aware already, last year we announced we will be launching a new service for the optical industry, MGAM Acuity and currently, we are still working on developing it but we are now extremely close to completing and are starting to preparing for the launch. MGAM Acuity is a trend forecasting service for eyewear and the other side is the Insights service which analyses the optical industry and gives you handy information to help you make the right buying decisions.

Over the years, the blog has grown a lot and MyGlassesAndMe has become a place that covers everything on eyewear or things which may interest us specs wearers, such as beauty. I always had an interest in cool eyewear that looks different or have something that is a bit niche about them whether it is the look of them, the story behind them or the technical side to them. I thought why not do a spinoff, so MGAM Niche is born. However, this new site will be predominantly run by my husband because he wants to give a more technical side to glasses, the geeky, clever stuff that goes into glasses which is something he is very good at. Whereas with me, I do more of the fashion focused stuff.

I will of course still oversee it and I will still write for MGAM Niche but not all the time because I have got enough on my plate. I am very excited to offer something a bit different to my readers. The word niche doesn’t just cover the eyewear itself. If the story behind them or the technical side to them is cool and niche, we will cover it.

All the blog posts will be short and sweet to read to make it even easier for your to read on the go because nowadays, no one has enough time to read an essay. The new site will be launched soon after our visit to Mido (which is the biggest optical show) that takes place once a year at the end of February. Be sure to follow us this weekend (25th – 27th Feb) on social media and catch up with what we get up to. You can find us on Twitter and Instagram via these handles @MyGlassesAndMe @MGAMacuity and @MGAMniche