MGAM has got some exciting news to announce. We are officially a part of The Eyewear Forum (TEF). “What is that?” I hear you ask. The Eyewear Form is one of the biggest Facebook groups within the optical industry.

The forum’s members include opticians, sales reps, store owners, sales staff, buyers, designers and brands.  It really does cover a wide spectrum of the eyewear sector, all topics in fact that are relevant to the eyewear marketplace. It is the place to find out about the latest in eyewear from around the world with multiple contributors (now including me).

MGAM is extremely privileged to be a part of this group as the blogger representing the UK eyewear market. The forum was founded by Maarten Weidema who is an eyewear designer based in the Netherlands, he has extensive knowledge of the eyewear industry.

Maarten uses the group as a journalistic platform to publish interesting and beautiful content to the international optical arena, backed up by a small group of bloggers from around the world. Maarten calls his bloggers, his entourage and MGAM is proud to be one of them. The TEF entourage includes Alessandro (Italy), Amy (USA), Chantal (Brazil), Erik (Sweden), Giulia & Stefano (Italy), Jennifer (Austria), Maarten (founder, The Netherlands), Martin (Germany), Miguel and Nuria (Spain) and Me (UK).

TEF - The Eyewear Forum

TEF – The Eyewear Forum

It is a fantastic group if you wish to find out about the latest in eyewear from around the world. The group has attracted over 11,000 followers and is growing each day! If you work within the eyewear industry, then you should be following this group.  Although the group is B2B as a consumer you can follow The Eyewear Forum’s Instagram account which is a mix of industry insiders, people who just love wearing glasses or even consumers who wish to find out more about the latest eyewear.

If you wish to follow this group, there are some simple rules (to stop people abusing it) and it is moderated by Maarten on a regular basis.

MGAM is highly excited to join the entourage and be representing the UK market. I hope all UK eyewear professionals will join the group, it is a great place to find out about the latest on niche eyewear brands and the forum is here to support independent eyewear brands.

So, for the UK optical industry, are you someone that wants to stock something a bit different and move away from the “usual” named brands, this will be the place for inspiration. Join the group here and follow their Instagram here, enjoy!