I have been obsessing over the Kingsman: The Golden Circle trailer since the Summer. I must have watched it about 20 times because there is so much eyewear featured in that movie! Like, seriously! The glasses in that movie are on point. I am so excited to see how the movie will impact the eyewear industry and more importantly, how the consumers respond to this movie?

There are so many questions going through my head, such as will the styles featured become best sellers? Will glasses become the must have fashion accessories and more importantly, will glasses become the “cool” accessories to have? I mean, from the trailer, they do make the eyewear seem like a cool thing to wear.

Before I start, I do have a confession to make. I have been meaning to watch the first Kingsman movie, but not had the time. It is a little tricky with looking after a two-year-old and working freelance. It is lucky if my husband gets to see me for a half an hour each night, ha! So, this blog post is here to show you how you can get the look from the movie. All the frames featured are my top picks and I have to say after seeing Halle Berry’s character in the trailer, I am tempted to get her look. hehe. Please scroll right to the bottom for stockist information.

KingsmanĀ Glasses – Get the Look

Kingsmans: The Golden Circle Glasses

Kingsman: The Golden Circle Glasses





Alyson Magee – alysonmagee.paris

FLEYE Copenhagen – fleye.dk

Jensen – eyespace.co.uk

Montblanc – montblanc.com

Walter & Herbert – walterandherbert.com

The movie is out today 20th September 2017. If I find the time, I love to go and watch it too. There is actually more eyewear featured than that from other characters, but the aboveĀ is my favourite look.