For those of you who work in optics then I do not need to explain what is Silmo but for my consumer readers, just a quick summary for you. Silmo is one of the biggest optical trade show in Europe, originally started in Paris and now they have shows around the world from Istanbul to Sydney.  So, the name Silmo is well known within the industry and it is a fantastic place to check out some of the latest innovations within the eyewear industry, plus more and your local opticians may even do a lot of their buying of frames at the show.

TEF does Silmo - the 90's in JFRey

TEF does Silmo – the 90’s in JFRey

So, why am I writing about it? Well, during the 2017 show,  opening on 6th October (tomorrow!). They have reached a grand old age of 50 years old and that is something worth shouting about and celebrate. As I have been working for The Eyewear Forum (TEF), we have collaborated with them and made a series of photos to celebrate this occasion. All the frames featured, all represent a different era and there is some damn good selection of frames there. All the frames are modelled by TEF bloggers, check out just a handful of the images I have here. I am not included before you ask because I joined at a much later date.

TEF does Silmo - 70's in BEVEL

TEF does Silmo – 70’s in BEVEL

Many Eyewear brands were featured in this shoot and the best of all, they are all independent eyewear brands. I think it will actually take up an entire page just to name every single one of those brands. If you want to see the entire photoshoot and you are not part of The Eyewear Forum Facebook group then I recommend you join. The group has been designed for the optical industry, It is a fantastic B2B platform so if you are not a member already then join today. Then for all eyewear lovers out there, The Eyewear Forum Instagram page is open to all, so a great place to get your eyewear inspiration.

TFE does Silmo - 80's in Emmanuelle khanh

TFE does Silmo – 80’s in Emmanuelle khanh

If you are visiting Silmo then keep an eye out on The Eyewear Forum wall of eyewear designs and come to The Eyewear Forum Party on Saturday 7th from 6-9pm at location Hall 5 J006. I will be there for 3 days, say hi, don’t be a stranger.

P.S, not got your badge? Still time, click on this link and do it now.