On Monday 13th November, an announcement was made by the founder of The Eyewear Forum (TEF) Maarten Weidema (incase you missed it or if you still haven’t joined one of the biggest optical B2B social media platforms). A photoshoot will be taking place around London and I will be the face of this London shoot since I am TEF’s UK based blogger. I am excited, honoured and nervous all at the same time.

The shoot will be taking place in London and I have been planning it already. Now, eyewear brands, take notice, because this is how the photoshoot works. All brands are welcomed to submit their frames for the shoot. All the photos from the shoot will be exhibited during 100% Optical, promoted via the TEF social media channels and of course, I will be promoting this shoot via my blog and social media channels. All brands will be credited so it is a fantastic marketing opportunity, a massive audience outreach to promote your brand and not to mention a great opportunity especially if you are exhibiting at the show too.

Now, to take part the best person to contact will be Maarten himself who will be doing all the organising etc. He is very easy to find on Facebook and he is always contactable.  If you are part of TEF then you can reach him there too. Alternatively, get in touch with me via the blog or on social media and I will pass you onto Maarten.

If you want to take a look, go to the TEF Facebook page or Instagram page, all the photos from the previous shoot by other bloggers from around the world are up there just so you can get a feel of the style and you can see TEF did a special shoot for Silmo too.

I am certainly feeling the pressure since all the other bloggers look amazing in their shoot and I really hope London will bring me some sunshine on the day of the shoot. Nothing worse than a gloomy grey rainy day in London. Wish me luck and I am looking forward to modelling your frames 😉