Introducing Ronit Furst

Since The Great British Bake Off has ended, I am sure everyone in the UK feels a little sad, I certainly do.  Did you all watch the last show? I never felt so stressed over layered cakes. Ha!

So, since The Great British Bake Off started I think one of the most popular topics amongst glasses wearers was judge Prue Leith’s glasses. Throughout the series Prue had been wearing some rather bright and colourful glasses, clothes and accessories to match. The eyewear brand she had been wearing is Ronit Furst which I guessed correctly quite earlier on in the series.

About Ronit Furst

I have been pretty fascinated by the brand myself especially after doing some research and I do love a brand with a story to tell. For those who love a bit of colour with their eyewear, you will fall in love with Ronit Furst too.

Ronit Furst Hand Painted Glasses

Ronit Furst Hand Painted Glasses

Ronit Furst Hand Painted Glasses

Ronit Furst Hand Painted Glasses

All the Ronit Furst glasses are hand painted and once the process is complete, a special protective layer is applied to ensure the artwork is well preserved. I say “artwork” because they are. The founder of Ronit Furst, Ronit is an artist herself, she is a sculpture and a painter. Each frame is inspired by her own artwork. The frames have been designed so they look different from every angle, with fine details, subtle embellishments, graduated colour schemes and asymmetric design. The aim of the brand is to create quirky, individual styles that are like wearable works of art.

Who is Ronit Furst?

Ronit is the founder who has been a glasses wearer most of her life with a passion for collecting eyewear. It was when she couldn’t find her next pair of glasses that she decided to hand paint some of her old frames. Being an artist herself that was something which came quite naturally to her nature. She refreshed the look of them by simply implementing her own artistic flair to the frame and giving them new life. From there, as they say, the rest is history.

Her hand-painted old frames were well received from family, friends and even strangers on the street who thought her glasses were from some high-class boutique in Paris, New York or London. She simply painted her old frames and it was at that point Ronit’s husband saw a business opportunity and took the chance.  Here they are 15 years later, still creating stunning hand-painted glasses. They are still using Ronit’s artwork as the source of inspiration for every collection they produce. In fact, Ronit’s artwork is the DNA of the brand.

Ronit Furst Hand Painted Eyewear

Ronit Furst Hand Painted Eyewear

The creation process of each frame is long, we are talking about 5-7 days because it requires several stages. They are effectively paintings, they need to allow layers to dry first before the next colour goes on etc. You will also be surprised by how reasonably priced they are considering it is one of the most time-consuming production processes in the eyewear industry. They retail at around £200 in the UK.

Which Ronit Furst glasses does Prue Leith wear?

To finish this post, I know everyone loves to know what styles Prue was wearing on The Great British Bake off and I can confidently tell you, they were models 5060-33, 5060-J1, 5024-17 and 5060-J3 (see image below). All of them do come in a range of colours so if you like that style she was wearing but want it in another colour then that is available.

One of Prue's styles she has been wearing but in sunglasses 5060 - J3

One of Prue’s styles she has been wearing but in sunglasses 5060 – J3

I love them, where can I get them?

They are available in the UK stocked in independent opticians so you will not find them in a chain. Ronit Furst has stockists all over the UK but the opticians may not have the entire collection in store to show because it is a rather large collection. Your best bet is to find out where they are stocked here and see what styles they have in store for you to view. Personally, I think the entire collection is stunning so I am sure you will find something you like.