I cannot believe it is the end of 2017 already because I can still remember what I was doing and and how I welcomed 2017. It seems like it was only yesterday.

So, what happened in 2017 with MGAM? We worked with the FMO, Optrafair and Essilor to name a few.  Also as the founder of MGAM I became a guest columnist for New Zealand Optics. We also became a part of The Eyewear Forum which is one of the biggest B2B platforms for the optical industry.  We guest write for them and we will be taking part in our first photoshoot with The Eyewear Forum soon.

Towards the end of 2017, we were invite along to Silmo Paris to report on the show and we have also been invited to attend Opti Munich which is happening in the New Year. So, I guess you can say MGAM has had a very busy year.  It will be a busy start to 2018 too.

As well as all the projects mentioned above, we did launch the very first version of MGAMacuity to our beta testers, the trend forecasting site for eyewear. After much feedback, we have decided to take a step back and are stripping the system back to basics. You will soon find the MGAMacuity section within the MGAM blog, we will be integrating it to the blog so it is easier to find too. Everything will be all in one place and it will be simpler to use. You just go in and download which report you wish to see without all the extra functions we were implementing before. We will see how it goes and take it from there.

Between Christmas and New Year, the blog will be down for some annual maintenance work but we will be back up in 2018 with a better and faster blog. Finally, For those who have seen me recently are probably aware I am currently pregnant.  I will be taking maternity leave as of the end of February 2018 because baby number 2 is due early March. I will be reachable via email especially for clients who I have been working for but I may not respond as quickly.

Exciting times ahead in 2018 because hopefully, I can make more project announcements soon, watch this space.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all x