Alternative fit, Asian fit or whatever you want to call them, they’ve become a bit of a topic for me lately. I did a photoshoot for The Eyewear Forum back in January and I was modelling a brand that specialises in Asian fit, TC Charton. They fitted like a dream on my nose. I did mention them quite a lot in my social media posts because do you know how hard it is for me to find glasses that fit really well over in Europe? The answer is very hard!

My social media post actually caused quite a stir because a lot of people commented saying their brand offers Asian fit frames.  You know what? Yes, I am aware a lot of brands offer Asian fit (or other alternative fits) BUT the major factor here is that most of these brands don’t offer Asian fit glasses in Europe, only in Asia. It is highly frustrating for someone like me who emigrated to the UK and has been living here since I was 8 years old.

Many brands I talk to, tell me they offer Asian fit and other alternatives, but they are only available in the countries where they are “needed”. I always ask them, Why? The UK is possibly one of the most diverse countries, so surely it makes sense to offer the different fittings in the UK and other European countries too.  Funnily enough, most brands cannot answer that question for me.  They all say I do actually have a valid point.

This is what a none Asian fit glasses looks like, it sit low and on the cheeks

This is what a none Asian fit glasses looks like, they sit low and on the cheeks

It is so hard for most Asians like me to find glasses that fit really well, especially with acetate frames and I am not a huge fan of metal frames. Metal frames do tend to come with nose pads which can be adjusted, however, sometimes the fit is still not that great, just better than acetate. With Acetate frames, no chance. They just rest on the cheeks and slide down the nose, which is highly annoying.

When I started to wear glasses at the age of 12, I was forever offered ill fitting frames.  It was only as I started blogging about glasses, I finally knew why, it is because I needed different nose fittings and they were not available. Even now in the UK, only a handful of brands are offering different nose fittings on acetate frames, those I know of being Walter & Herbert, Cutler & Gross and Tom Davies bespoke.

It is totally crazy that so many brands out there only offer Asian fit over in the far east totally neglecting the fact that Asians don’t just live over that side of the world, we do live in other countries too. I for one do not want to be limited to just wearing metal frames because I am not a massive fan of them.  Even metal frames with nose pads, aren’t always guaranteed to be a good fit, they are just a better option.

Bevel metal frame with nose pad

Bevel metal frame with nose pad

Asian fit frames are needed, even in west because Asians don’t just stay living in the places they are from, just like me. If you are an eyewear brand reading this… please take note.  If you are a consumer who has had the same trouble as me and wondered why you have such a hard time finding glasses that fit, now you know.

Opticians don’t always tell you that or have the right glasses on offer, bear this in mind for the future peeps.